HCG Diet Plan

High benefits of HCG diet plan

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG diet plan is best for those individuals who desire to lose weight. Besides, HCG is simply best if used in pregnancy since it preserves corpus luteum in women.  HCG is also utilized in treatment of fertility. The organizations extract it from urine of pregnant women. Today, we find innumerable fertility drugs in the market such as Pregnyl and Ovidrel that contain HCG and substantially stimulate the process of ovulation.

HCG diet plan effectively introduced by Dr. Simeons is given to a woman via an injection. It is important to be noted that HCG is associated with nil side effects and thus can be safely administered. HCG viably dissolves the unwanted fat of body and at the same time preserves not only the desirable structural fats that avail wellbeing and healthy body functioning but also muscle tissues. This in turn makes a user look slim and beautiful.                


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